Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Radium Hot Springs Sept. 8-12/2015

Last Outing of 2015, Quick Trip to Radium Hot Springs 

Redstreak Campground, Radium Hot Springs BC

Last outing of 2015 and we had a hard decision as to where to go....Why I'm not sure, weather had been quite cool and we decided Radium as its usually quite a bit warmer through the pass.....

Looking at the wee collection of photos I have, it wasn't a profitable trip....not that we didn't have a good time, we did,,our decision to go back, not likely??? We have been disappointed in RedStreak campground before, depending on site you get....previous sites were very crowded, cramped and noisy......Redstreak is a popular campground due to the fact it is close to the hot springs. There is a walking path from one end to the springs, this year not advised due to bear activity.

Our site this time was quite spacious despite the fact it was on the inside loop, always prefer an outside loop site as you have more of a view and space....

The loop we were on was on the edge of the campground against a large range of countryside resulting in quite a bit of activity...We had a flock of  wild turkeys roaming through the sites every evg. They certainly were not concerned with campers, kids etc.
Then further on in the dusk there were the prettiest deer that wandered through  the trees on the edge of the grounds...There were a little more elusive ....Blended into the landscape and lights very well, easy to miss.

Blending into the Landscape

Few times these fellows showed up.....but they gave us the evil eye that said "I'm the boss" we listened, gave them space, and all was quiet...thank goodness for zooms...

Our evening walks were quiet, the landscape quite dry and barren...only the hardy brushes survive in this climate.


Day trips we traveled south to Whiteswan Lake....just past Canal Flats. but when we turned off on rough gravel road they had it closed for maintenance, another time......

Stopped for lunch on the hill above Columbia Lake....Beautiful....Warm day,,,

We do find the nicest spots for lunch....pull out the lawn chairs and sometimes little table and relax for as long as needed.....

Overlook from Redstreak, Columbia wetlands.
We also traveled north to Brisco, bought some plants at a little greenhouse, shopped in little country store and had lunch in park overlooking the river....

Spent a day wandering through the little shops in Invermere looking for things we absolutely needed.....had lunch at a chinese buffet....both left feeling not so good.....no more chinese buffets!!!! Even stopped at a Home Hardware, we love Home Hardware and bought some vinyl runner for the van floor......

Ruth and I came to the conclusion there isn't the attraction that we enjoy at Radium, the hikes?? Im sure they are there, maybe it was the end of year and after a busy enjoyable year, maybe it was just time to relax?

On our way home we stopped again for lunch, I think at the inkpots rest stop and yet again trails were closed for flood repair! but pulled off away from crowds and got a few shots....

Looks like they had a fire a couple of years ago, we found it interesting how the flames leave a track in the trees just as the fire burns....actually reminded me of wind in the wheat fields.

And it is September high in the hills.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Sunshine Meadows Banff National Park Aug. 12/2015

Sunshine Meadows Hike

August 12/2015 Day Hike

Rock Isle Lake B.C.

Ruth and I talked about doing this hike earlier in the year. We were going to attempt on our last holiday and were just to tired and wanted to give this day our fullest.
And we needed full effort, Fitbit recorded 16701 steps. 107 flights of stairs and 8 K.!!
My phone has a app that records steps and it recorded 19265 steps...either way it was a slog.
Next day thoughts, I am not sure we need to push as hard. I am sure especially in that heat, if we went a little easier, it would be much more enjoyable.
Brochure states it is at elevation of 2200 M (7150 ft.). A bus takes you up the hill (5 K) to Sunshine Village. $27.00 worth every penny. The first leg of the journey is a 100 ft. elevation gain to get you up to the meadows. 

As per map, we made it as far as Grizzly Lake, there were reports of a grizzly around the lakes area. We had our bear spray but I have to admit both of us are scared to use it....
We are both hoping we would be able to do it if needed... I my research I somewhere saw a photo of the area perhaps in Sept. that the larch trees were in full color, how beautiful to go then or perhaps late July when flowers are in full bloom. Plans for the future....

I love these graceful ladies (Anemone) with the abundant hairstyle (I'm jealous)

Our first glimpse of the meadows and after that first slog, more up! 

Looking at this photo now, I am
remembering a beautiful, fresh
breeze on a very hot day..
Turned out breeze was only at top of mountain, As we walked down, as soon as soon as 
you descended the breeze disappeared . 
Along with that and being so tired it exhausted me....


 Very smoky that morning

but with the breeze, cleared by
mid afternoon.

Flowers were just passed their prime, although the further up and into the trees, it was a whole different world.

1 K to Rock Isle Lake

Smokey rest stop

Rock Garden

First glimpse of Rock Isle Lake

Beautiful shot of Ruth's

Seems I am tied to the Great Divide...

Rock Isle Lake...

I can't decided which view is more beautiful....so they both get included in my blog!

We are doing this!!!

And up yet again....

Backside of Lake.
It wasn't until you looked at the distant hills that you noticed the smoke. There was only a couple of time the breeze brought in the smell of smoke. Most of the time you would just catch a whiff.

"Do I smell lunch"


It appears Mt. Revelstoke does not have all the wild flowers....The higher up they were not as far advanced as downhill.....Beautiful....We must go at the end of July! 
 Mentioning Revelstoke reminded me of the horseflies! After battling them most of the day we had to leave sooner than we wanted because we had reached our limits. insect spay has no effect on them....
Sunshine had no horseflies..... wonder why the difference......(another query Ruth ;-)

Backside of Lake, original viewpoint is upper right.

Are we not blessed to be living in this part of the world.....Seems to me we have already won the lottery.

Can you imagine the harsh conditions these ladies have to survive in?

En-route to Grizzly Lake.

Some welcome shade, but no breeze...

Sitka Valerian

First glimpse of Grizzly Lake.

At this point I had reached my limit....All I could think of was we had to get back to the last bus and I was getting slower.
Ruth wanted to go to viewpoint at other end of lake I decided I would wait for her here...
I always have to have a beautiful spot for reflection in each trip...This was it....although after about 20 min. of beautiful silence listening to the wind in the trees.(nothing like that sound) a thought niggled in that this probably wasn't the smartest thing we had ever done. I remembered there was a grizzly spotted in the lakes area. All turned out well..

I often feel badly that I hold Ruth back. She is so good at going my speed but her endurance is much better than mine.....Incentive! At least we are out there and doing our (my) best.

My favorite larch trees.

Western Spring Beauty
I thought this was Grass of Parnassus........I don't know!

Final look at Grizzly Lake

Ruth found great photos when she went on to the end of Grizzly lookout....

Homeward bound.

All flowers tuck themselves into little nooks and cranys for protection.

I loved this little gem. Have no idea what it was and I think it was the only one I saw.
Broke my rule of taking more than one shot and the breeze let me down and tickled the bloom. Would have been a great shot......(last words)

On the last stretch back to Rock Isle Lake...Parks Canada make it easier for people like me!

Thank goodnes the last 1/3 mile was downhill . Very hot. At this point Ruth was tired
and headed ahead of me....(I was slow) And we made it for the earlier bus at 4 pm
Last bus of the day was 5 pm........wheww

Thanks Ruth for the great day......Next year?